Culture By Design.

Creativity, Intention & Focus.

Vision, Expression & Love.

Energy, Polarity & Balance.

"In the exploration of life's journey we always have the opportunity to see things differently."
- Michael Bullen Phylom CEO
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Inspiration is captivated by growth. Influence new ideas and build new worlds through creativity, intention and focus.
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Our journey on earth decodes relationships, experiences and purpose. Connect through vision, expression and love.
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What's the real meaning of zen and how can it bring us together. Ascend through energy, polarity and balance.
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"Cultivar pros prove their leadership to open the next Phylom Culture By Design Store."
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“Phylom's vision is to elevate cultural connection bringing us closer together through inspiration, connection and wellbeing.”
- Lisa Ancheta Phylom Founder

Behind The Scenes.

We develop customized growth hacks engineered for craft cultivators. Say hello to tokes next level commerce.
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